PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: The Lightning Thief

OK, so, catching up, last weekend M., Z. and I caught Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which totally exemplifies the current trend in way-too-long movie titles. I've been joking it's this year's Clash of the Titans, but really, it was a good fun teen adventure flick. Not overly deep or complex, but some neat ideas with good special effects, action, and plotting. Also, surprisingly excellent casting. And now I know who I would cast as Wonder Woman. Anyways. Worth seeing.

New trailers:
* Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Did I mention that dude did a cartoon in the school newspaper at UMCP? Anyways, movie looks forgettable, but Z. seems interested.
* Despicable Me - The more I see about this movie, the less I want to see it. Just looks too... market-ready.
* The Last Airbender - smart move taking 'Avatar' out of the title, even if they did use it first. Oh, and the movie looks... good? Fingers crossed.
* Furry Vengeance - I love Brendan Fraser, but not this much. I'm pleased to see Ken Jeong getting more work though, he's good. Oh, and if they don't have a Betty White cameo here, it's a missed opportunity.

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