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Today's must-read article: Nicholas Kristof on the divide between religious and intellectual America.

Here's a couple good stories from Marketplace (on NPR.) Yes, RealAudio, but worth it.
* Star Trek franchise is in trouble; it's just not making the money it used to, or that it needs to.
* Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on why the US needs 4-weeks paid vacation a year.

* Oh, did you know this Northeast Blackout was predicted two years ago?
* Afghani warlords accused of even more human rights abuses (Courtesy get your war on.)
* Alabama chief justice refuses federal order to remove Ten Commandments statue from government building.
* Schwarzenegger win in California could have interesting impact on Bush in 2004. Also, having so many Republican candidates creates a predicament for the party there.
* Paul Krugman on our economic twilight zone, with a good primer on the real financial situation.
* The Fed considered a larger rate cut back in June.
* Arguments over evidence in the sniper trials.
* A new service lets you get Lou Ferigno to wish someone happy birthday!
* Wow, India's mix of movie stars and politics puts us to shame.

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