PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fearmongering, reality TV, and the Dept. of Jihad

* "Fearmongering politicians are scoring cheap political points at the expense of the American people." (Courtesy multiplexer.) See also: New York? Really?
* Classy. How Congress snuck through another extension for the Patriot Act.
* What next for health care? Also, debunking 'the big lie' on reconciliation.
* Good read: is there a solution for Washington's paralysis?
* 'Department of Jihad'? Glenn Greenwald with a new low for modern journalism. Follow-up here.
* "If anyone is still keeping track of the lines transgressed in reality TV, Pretty Wild would seem a moment to take note."
* Neat read: Muslim inventions that shaped the modern world.
* Smallville gets a tenth season, securing its place as 'the longest-running, live-action superhero series in the history of American network television.'
* SequentialTart on the women they'd like to see more of in comics.

Tags: 2010, comic books, easy sell, news, tv, welcome to america
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