PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Education reform, Antarctic space rocks, and a TiVo revolution

* Fear, Inc.: who wants to keep America afraid, and how they're benefiting from it. (Courtesy multiplexer.)
* "Why is a speechwriter who's never served in the military or intelligence community acting as an expert on interrogation and national security?"
* Britain faces its own intimidating budget deficits.
* Good read: leading Bush-era education expert changes her tune on NCLB, charter schools, and more.
* New world order: inside China's hacker army.
* ACORN cleared of wrongdoing in prostitution sting because, it turns out, the video was heavily edited to change the content. Nice one, guys.
* "A large space rock may have exploded over Antarctica thousands of years ago, showering a large area with debris."
* Today's awesome headline: "Mars Orbiter To Investigate 'Lumpy Potato' Moon"
* Whoah. TiVo has big plans for the future.
* Comedy Central to pull out of Hulu.

Tags: 2010, news, quotes, science!, tv

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