PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Do you want it back?"

Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "You're the son of a bitch who shot my kid!"

Omar: You bring flowers for my wife?
Sayid: I'll give them to you if you want.

* Translating contracts?
* "For every man there is a scale." Weighing hearts (see also.)
* "I think it would be best if you were dead."
* Ninja fight! Ball, not bouncing right? "Go. Leave this place. Never come back."
* "If I could do it myself I wouldn't be asking you, Claire." -Locke
* "I always do what I say."
* "I know what kind of man you are." -Omar

Miles: Banished? For what?
Sayid: Apparently, I'm evil.

* Dead for two hours! Whoah, I thought it was moments.
* Hidden box. "She is a confused girl, under the influence of an angry man."
* "He is evil incarnate."
* "If you allow him to speak, it is already too late."
* Man, Kate is, like, totally irrelevant these days.
* 'End up berating me,' hee.
* STAB. Oh, crap. No blood! "Do you want it back?"
* Was Dogan trying to get Sayid killed? Nice.
* 'unfortunate incident involving a boomerang,' hee.
* Message? Jacob's dead, everyone is free. "What happens at sundown if we stay?" "You die."
* I'd love to hear Cindy's version of things, but I doubt we will have that opportunity.
* Oh, when they said they were putting Claire in 'the hole,' they meant an actual hole.
* "I'm not the one that needs to be rescued." -Claire
* "He's coming, Kate. He's coming and they can't stop him."
* Keamy, the crime boss!
* ZOMG Jin.
* "Jacob drives a hard bargain." -Sayid
* And, goodbye Dogan.
* "He was the only thing keeping Him out!"
* Alana to the rescue!
* "We'll be much safer here." -Claire
* Man, the Smoke Monster is huge.

Ben: There's still time.
Sayid: Not for me.

* And, Alana knew about the secret passage. Again, hope to hear more about her.
* Massacre. Sayid, Claire, Kate... and Locke's Others. Plus Kate, who really doesn't belong.

Side note: if anyone remembers the weird Dharma Goblet video, well, mystery solved.

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