PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Re-crashing, pinot noir, and the Democrats

* "Wall Street's Bailout Hustle: Goldman Sachs and other big banks aren't just pocketing the trillions we gave them to rescue the economy - they're re-creating the conditions for another crash."
* Good read: Marc Lynch on what next for Iraq.
* "This is what the Democratic Party does; it's who they are. They're willing to feign support for anything their voters want just as long as there's no chance that they can pass it."
* Chris Cillizza ranks the current Republican leaders.
* Once again, Steele is the gift that keeps on giving.
* Saudi Arabia by the numbers.
* A profile of Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vaccine crusade.
* Man, I never get tired of making fun of wine snobs.
* I didn't know that the government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition.

Tags: 2010, news, science!, two-fisted tales, welcome to america
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