PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Not entirely surprising

WoD quizzes, below.

Vampire Clan Score
Brujah 12
Gangrel 8
Malkavian 12
Nosferatu 10
Toreador 12
Tremere 14
Ventrue 8
Lasombra 9
Tzimisce 9
Assamite 9
Setite 15
Giovanni 11
Ravnos 8

Whichever clan received the highest score is the clan most likely to embrace you. Ties should always be settled in favor of the more numerous Camarilla clan, if possible.

[Accurate-ish, with what I play, except with Ventrue being so low.]

Mage Tradition Score
Akashic Brotherhood 13
Celestial Chorus 11
Cult of Ecstasy 12
Dreamspeaker 14
Euthanatos 14
Hollow Ones 13
Order of Hermes 15
Sons of Ether 13
Verbena 11
Virtual Adept 14

[Dreamspeaker? What the? This one is wacky, but then again, so is Mage. WOuld love to see one with Technocratic options added in.]

Werewolf Tribe Score
Black Fury 5
Bone Gnawer 9
Children of Gaia 15
Fianna 13
Get of Fenris 6
Glasswalkers 13
Red Talons 6
Shadow Lords 13
Silent Striders 9
Silver Fangs 13
Stargazers 11
Uktena 11
Wendigo 7

[And if Silent Striders were higher, this would be pretty in-line too.]

Interesting format, I have to say. Easy to throw, also, if you're into that sort of thing.

So, to follow Tesla's format, I would be a Setite Child of Gaia Order of Hermes, according to these tests. That's awesome.

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