PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Def Con... 3

Removing buttons and sewing on new ones is, it turns out, time consuming. Four down... seventeen to go. Isn't this why we have illegal immgrants around, people?

We won't discuss Operation: Redyeing because, yeah, no.

Oh, and Undercover Boss is a terrible TV show. I had high hopes for a low-rent copy of Dirty Jobs (which I love.) But they don't spend enough time, on, well, everything. Except maybe the recaps. And instead of addressing the real problems, which are obvious to the viewer, it's just a love letter to Corporate America. That manager you met is under a lot of stress? Send her on a free trip! Don't bother discussing why she is under stress, or how they could avoid that for other managers in the future. That's not the American Dream, people. Feh.

Tags: not news, tv, wedding
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