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"Please. You have to stay."

Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "the water isn't clear."
* "He's alive."
* "How is that even possible?" -Kate (Really, Kate? Everything else you've seen over the past eight months, and this actually surprises you?)
* Iraqi torturer deserves another go-around, hee.
* "It's the Others, dude. They've caught us. Again." -Hurley
* Wound, almost closed.
* "Please. You have to stay." -head pirate/Other dude
* "Let me go. I can bring him back, and I can make him stay." -Kate
* Polaroid pic? The stuffed orca of guilt!
* I'm digging some of the parallel structure they're sneaking in here. A scene of Kate unpacking Claire's bag, and then one of Kate packing her bag to go find Sawyer. The writers must be having a blast.
* Strapped down. Dust? Acupuncture? Zap. "It was a test. We had to be sure."
* "I just lied to him, didn't I?"
* Kate didn't take Claire's money? Where'd the $200 come from then?
* Claire gets back in the cab? Really?
* Protecting. "I'm sorry, is this a press conference?!" Aldo, Justin.
* So if Russo has been dead for years, who's trap was it?
* "You don't recognize me?"
* "Hey Shepard, we were hoping you'd come on your own."
* Sayid, 'infected.' Pill. Only works if taken willingly.
* Man, can the pirate dude sense Jack's guilt aura or something?
* If I don't get a Miles and Hurley spinoff, I will be sorely disappointed.
* "No. I am not a zombie." -Sayid
* Hee, private talks.
* "Who do you care about, Kate?" -Jin
* And, premature labor. Whoah!
* Sawyer, hidden box.
* "Will you come with me?" -Claire
* ETHAN. (Dr. Goodspeed, which'd be his real name if I am not mistaken.)
* "I have a feeling that Aaron is going to be a handful."
* "I need to find Claire." -Kate
* "I made her stay on this island because I didn't want to be alone." -Sawyer
* "But I think some of us are meant to be alone."
* "It's a baseball."
* Dogan. Brought here. Stays removed from those he is in charge of.
* "Let's see where trust gets us." -Jack
* "Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?" -Kate
* 'We believe he has been...' 'Claimed.' "There is a darkness growing in him."
* "Because it happened to your sister."
* "We can't. He's one of them." -Justin
* CLAIRE. Lookin' a lot like Rousseau.

So, the only other person we know was brought to the Temple to be saved was... Ben, as a child. Was he 'claimed'? Is that why he's so evil? If so, wasn't he tested the same way Sayid was?

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