PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

had better mornings

Just got in from shoveling. Depressingly, I was mostly clearing off what our housemate actionjbone cleared off yesterday; snow had drifted in overnight to reclaim its territory.

About half the neighbors were outside, half chatting, half working. Gave what cab info I had to a Californian trying to figure out how he would be able to get to the airport with the above-ground Metro down. Passed a lady trying to walk to Shoppers to pick up strep throat medicine for her munchkin (Yes, she called ahead to make sure they were open. I was half-tempted to join her, but my wallet was back at the house.)

Spoke to Z. on the way back to the house. Told her that lilmymble and I were working on getting her over here, but we didn't know yet. Our neighborhood is relatively unplowed. Strathmore is clear, and there's footpaths from there to here (five minute walk) so, maybe? I'll call cabs in a few, but I'm not optimistic. lilmymble might be heading out later, so, fingers crossed in that regard. I fear we're just going to miss the weekend with little Z. though, which makes it hard to work up the energy to shovel.

Oh, and, we were supposed to be doing some quality shopping for the wedding, but that's pretty unlikely at the juncture. Eep.

Tags: 2010, bebe, not news
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