PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Torture, health care, and the bdelloid rotifer

* Obama takes on the Republicans over health care directly. We need more of this. (Video here.)
* "An upcoming Justice Department report from its ethics-watchdog unit, the Office of Professional Responsibility, clears the Bush administration lawyers who authored the 'torture' memos of professional-misconduct allegations."
* The plan for rebuilding Haiti.
* Good read: why voters often go against their own self interest.
* Make them filibuster!
* Does Israel have an immigration problem?
* What does the future hold for coal power?
* "If sex is so great, how has the bdelloid rotifer been able to do without it for 30 million years?"
* CBS, which is airing an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl, declines to air one for a gay dating site. James Poniewoziak explains why both should run. (Great read.)

Tags: 2010, news, science!, tv

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