PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

a window into obsessive reading

So every now and then, I decide to look something up, and then get stuck reading up on whatever topic for the next couple hours. I suspect this is a dis-ease of our generation, what with the Wikipedias and the Googles and the like.

So, for a gaming project, I was trying to remember the name of the suspect in Bendis's Torso. Which is how I found out that I loaned out my copy of the graphic novel at some point, and it's gone missing.* So I hit up the internet and then I'm glued to the screen reading all about it for a good long while. Whoo doggy. A captive of my obsession of the hour.

* - This happens all the time, and I am totally cool with it. Books and DVDs are supposed to migrate in this fashion. I'd like to get it back eventually, but by that same token, I am sure I have a pile of borrowed media from other people here too.

Tags: defend your thesis, gaming, not news, two-fisted tales

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