PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Judicial activism, illegal wiretaps, and comic strip fun

* In unsurprising news, the FBI has been illegally obtaining information on American citizens for years. I'm sure all the conservative voices will rise up against this egregious abuse of federal power, right?
* Glenn Greenwald on what the Supreme Court got right on the campaign finance decision. (Bonus: follow-up.) Also, the impact will be felt on the state level as well. Also, is this that famous judicial activism we've heard so much about?
* "A Republican takeover of Congress might be the best thing that could happen to Obama."
* I entirely forgot to make a separate post about those gunsights used by the military with Biblical references written on them. Yes, the company has said they won't do that anymore. Ed Brayton talks about why it matters to talk about it.
* The growing problem of solo terrorists.
* Win: MGK with lessons learned from Uncle Scrooge McDuck.
* Dinosaur Comics parses Lady Gaga.
* The comic strip Bizarro turns 25.

Tags: 2010, comic books, news, welcome to america

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