PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Rebuilding Haiti, casting Conan, and buying America

* "I don’t see how this is good for anyone except a handful of CEOs." multiplexer on the campaign finance reversal.
* "One year after Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Israel has discovered that it is easy to win military battles against its 21st century-antagonists - but infuriatingly difficult to win the war of public opinion." (I can think of some suggestions...)
* How to rebuild Haiti: start over.
* Haitian survivors seek solace in voodoo. (Courtesy ninjacooter.)
* What if you were arrested and couldn't make bail?
* Good read: how Coakley's defeat tells the White House it's time to shape up.
* If When will Paris flood again?
* Whoah. Guess what the most-watched show in America this Monday was. Just, wow.
* Jason Momoa set to star in Conan.

Tags: 2010, movies, news, tv, welcome to america

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