PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

making the man

It's safe to say that more than half the clothes I own are from the thrift store. It's a long-standing tradition, and I tend to find many things I like there. Now, in shopping for the wedding, I've hit a couple fancier stores, trying to find cool clubby/punky/gothy attire for the big day. I figured this would be an easy sell in DC, but have been coming up empty-handed. Part of this is my general aversion to buying clothes online.* Now, there's a strong proponent of 'why not just check the thrift store?' pulling at my brain, and yes, I figure I will swing by next week or so. (I've also been kicking the wedding party, to make sure they're all attired as well.) Still have a couple options to swing by here downtown, also. And then, the dreaded shoe shopping.

Anyone out there in listening land have good places to shop for attractive menswear?

* - Other than t-shirts, of course. I love buying those online.

Tags: clubbing, not news, wedding
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