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A scientist killed, the Innocence Project, and political correctness

"Of course, the right seems determined to claim that forgiving Reid when other, right-wing pols who have made racist statements is hypocritical, and the reason they do that is because they quite simply don't understand why the left gets offended by one and not the other. To them, this is about the statement. The actual sentence. They think that's the reason people get upset: the words in question."

* BBC gallery of the Haitian earthquake. Note: graphic and grim.
* Fifteen persuasive explanations for the recession.
* Seriously? Prosecutor targets the Innocence Project.
* Two good reads: Glen Greenwald on the murder of an Iranian scientist. Bonus: Explainer.
* Another good read: a man who helped build Liberia's army, on what it will take to do the same for Afghanistan.
* Conan O'Brien bows out. And Tom Shales on the Leno business. (Personally, I don't care, but it seems like a dick move on NBC's part.)
* No, we don't need another Spider-Man origin story. We all know it. Just skip that part, or like in the Hulk sequel, just run it during the credits.
* Six good things to look forward to in comic books this year.

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