PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Health care, nukes, and the death penalty

Good read: "Nuclear weapons have had a tremendous influence on the world's agonies and obsessions, inspiring desperate rhetoric, extravagant theorizing, and frenetic diplomatic posturing. However, they have had very limited actual impact, at least since World War II."

* Graphic: the cost of health care from various countries compared to average life expectancy. (Courtesy asimplelife.)
* Support for the death penalty slowly erodes.
* The bombing in Khost highlights a growing role on the frontlines for the CIA.
* Matt Frei discusses something unexpected many of the would-be Islamic terrorists have in common.
* Xhosa tribal king pushes for secession in South Africa.
* Follow-up: accused Holocaust Museum gunman von Brunn dies in custody.
* The Explainer's 2009 question of the year: 'if a Siamese twin commits murder, does his brother get punished, too?'
* Hee. 2003 article on reinventing He-Man.

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