PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Nurses, Yemen, and fear of terrorism

* "Abdulmutallab never made it onto a no-fly list because there are simply too many reports of suspicious individuals being submitted on a daily basis, which causes the system to be 'clogged' - overloaded - with information having nothing to do with Terrorism. As a result, actually relevant information ends up obscured or ignored."
* "I want to punch every person who screams about Government in their Medicare but is okay with strip searches of children in airports."
* 'Is it possible to prevent chaos in Yemen?'
* Some big-name Democrats are planning to retire.
* Howard Kurtz on the future of the tea partyists.
* Tom Shales on the evangelical Brit Hume.
* "More nursing jobs will be created in the next decade than in any other single profession."
* Male prostitution now legal in Nevada.

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