PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Happy birthday to John Glover, who turns 59 today.

You know, there is some messed-up stuff going on that no one knows about. This makes the world a creepier place.

Magistrate sent me this fine link on the top ten Conservative Idiots. And Operative X gave me this one all about movie blurbs (with more picking on Gigli.)

* Ashcroft wants a list of judges who give lighter sentences. NOTE: it's not to send them gift baskets.
* How can economic recovery be around the corner when so many remain jobless?
* It's official, Schwarzenegger is running. And really, this all could have only happened in California.
* Have I mentioned how I am no fan of Charles Moose and his shady dealing?
* NYC: the rats are back (also included: Whoopi Goldberg.)
* A number of influential scientists have begun to argue that the cost of research publications has grown so large that it impedes the distribution of knowledge. So they have a solution.
* "Basically, she foaled herself."
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