PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Aren't you guys lucky, you get not one but two rants! First, the minor one. So, I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning I was having an otherwise-peaceful dream, and in it I was married to one of my ex'es, and we were the rulers of... something, and someone got this comically oversized Valentine's Day card, and OH MY GOD I WOKE UP IMMEDIATELY WITH THE WORST PAIN SHOOTING THROUGH MY RIGHT CALF MUSCLE. Stupid muscle cramp waking me up at like 4:30 am, and it still hurts now. Geez. Where the hell did that come from? Hardly do I do anything athletic enough to warrant it.

And now, my real rant. I'm wondering how much it would cost to just check into a hotel for the next few months. I'm going crazy. There are Reddings all over the house, and they *hover*. And they are messy. I'm not really a neat freak, as anyone who has seen my desk can attest. But I can't abide wadded-up tissues being left everywhere, and dirty dishes left under couches, and empty soda cans left around, and dirty glasses left overnight anywhere other than the sink. My new ritual is getting home after a long day of work, with my first task being cleaning up around these people. Argh. And they hover, too. Maybe it's a personal space thing, maybe it's a privacy thing, but I like having time to myself, and I like having things people don't root through, even if they do ask first, and I like my stuff where I left it, that's why I left it there. I won't even get into the chatty thing. And yes, I know the brother is only there for another week, and it's a help for the bebe and RQ being able to do more work and not having to pay for day care, but *still.* I'm glad I am getting an extra night out now, because I need to get away from the house more.

And it had to happen sooner or later. I got spam to increase my penis size back-to-back with a spam to increase my breast size. Intar-web, how I loathe thee.

And I just has a McGriddle sandwich for the first time. It was an interesting experience. I mean, it's just like a tiny pancake sammich, with egg and bacon, so that's cute. But, where has the maple syrup gone?[/jack-sparrow] I look at the sammich, and there's no syrup on it. I taste it, it's definitely there. My mind cannot comprehend this paradox wrapped in an enigma wrapped in pancakes.
Tags: 2003
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