PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Board games, NASA, and nation-building

"So with this missile strike, we find yet again the most pervasive and destructive myth of American 'counter-terrorism' efforts: that there's this finite worldwide club called 'The Terrorists' (also known as 'al Qaeda'), and our solemn mission is to hunt down its members and kill them all, and once we do, there will be no more 'Terrorists' and we will have won."

* Question authority: yet another forensics lab found incompetent and corrupt.
* Defense secretary Gates suggests putting the Pentagon in charge of funds to aid unstable countries.
* Good read: why NASA needs to get back into space, and stay there.
* Selling the disease: how a bone disease became big business.
* The revolution in handheld computing leading to a new escalation of computer viruses.
* Nifty! Slum art in Kenya.
* Oh hey: why syndicated TV shows are shown out of sequence.
* Fancy. Board game sales continue to grow.
* Famed local sportscaster George Michael passed away.

Tags: 2009, gaming, news, science!, tv

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