PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tortue, health care, and ACORN

"The New York Times will frequently label what other governments do as 'torture' but steadfastly refuses to use that term for what the American government did. It promiscuously accuses foreign countries of 'human rights atrocities' but self-righteously objects when that term is applied to our own government even after it abducts, disappears, lawlessly imprisons, and tortures people even to the point of death."

* "Should the government's overbroad and premature assertion of the state secrets privilege prevail, torture victims will be denied their day in court solely on the basis of an affidavit submitted by their torturers."
* Neat! A rough guide to the two health care bills.
* Five myths about a president's first year.
* Follow-up: Congressional Research Service report finds ACORN did not violate any federal regulations.
* Heh. How Bachmann cashed in on federal farm subsidies.
* Wacky read: British pop music culture pushed Rage Against the Machine over Simon Cowell.

Tags: 2009, news, quotes

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