PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Had to skip out on Brickskeller tonight, unfortunately. Long story, but I miss seeing ex-co-workers. Next time.

Instead, RQ, her brother, myself and the Notorious Z.O.E. went to Goblin and Decore's pad to play us some Heroclix. Luckily it was a training game (the brother had never played before) because otherwise it would have been a rout. Main lesson learned, two 300 point teams are more effective together than three 200 point teams. Anyways. I do believe the X-Men: Evolution teams I designed will work well against each other, and that was kind of their point, so kudos there. Not much else learned.

(Oh, Z.o.e. fell over and bonked her noggin something fierce on a chair. Much crying ensued, and she's got a small bruise, but is no worse for wear. Very sad, though.)

Tomorrow morning, another rant, this time it's not about how I'm a neat freak, because really, I'm not.
Tags: 2003, gaming

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