PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

tragically, did not hear any thundersnow

I can now officially say I walked almost a mile uphill in the worst snowstorm of the year just to get to work.

Called a cab, they just said they didn't have anyone available. At all. Dithered for a few, then decided to hike up to the Metro. Fun! Had to skip the Strathmore grounds, because no way those would be ford-able. Went up Strathmore Ave. instead, then walked down the Pike. Walked in the road most of the way, as I could follow the tire tracks, and frankly, I have no idea where the sidewalks are. Good times. When I got to the station, there was ice in my hair.

There is formally a crapload of snow out there, people. Buses and trains are running, but everything else is slow-going.

I do have to compliment my own forethought at bringing a spare pair of socks and jeans to change into once I got here. The wet pair are currently drying in one of the equipment rooms that are like 80 degrees and bone dry.

Tags: 2009, not news, two-fisted tales

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