PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

oh, unexpected

I've been slacking on the LJ life updates, but yeah. Tonight was supposed to be the third night in a row of holiday partys (Wed. was my work, yesterday was M.'s work.) Specifically the annual cruise/dinner for M.'s dad's establishment. I'm not big on the boat aspect, but it's always a nice spread. But tonight, comedy of errors. I'm waiting at the Metro, M. doesn't think they will get there in time. We hem and haw, and decide to just call it off. Few minutes later, turns out traffic just opened up, and they're going for the long bomb to race there in time... except I'm already on a train going back stateside. Turns out they made it, with literally seconds to spare. And, had they had to pick me up, they wouldn't have. So now they're cruising, and I've got an unexpected night to relax.

Tags: 2009, not news

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