PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Zanclean flood and the Obama Doctrine

"Reactions to Obama's Nobel speech yesterday were remarkably consistent across the political spectrum, and there were two points on which virtually everyone seemed to agree: (1) it was the most explicitly pro-war speech ever delivered by anyone while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize; and (2) it was the most comprehensive expression of Obama's foreign policy principles since he became President."

* Blackwater's role in secret CIA raids.
* The challenge of getting the public to care about climate change.
* closes the door on ClimateGate.
* Meanwhile, Russia is revamping their military.
* New ideas for health care reform in Indiana.
* "How long does it take to dissolve a human body?"
* Strange things are afoot on Saturn's moon Iapetus.
* "Research has revealed details of the catastrophic Zanclean flood that refilled the Mediterranean Sea more than five million years ago."

Tags: 2009, news, science!

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