PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"I am frustrated with Washington. It has gotten totally partisan. We are not serious about anything except the next election." -Senator Ernest Hollings (D-SC)

* Facing a second nuclear age.
* Taliban back and killing clerics who are against them.
* Why we need a fresh start to fighting terrorism.
* US may reduce aide to Israel, to halt the wall-building. I say, cut it completely until they start listening.
* Bush testing the limits of campaign finance controls, showing more of the power the rich have in government.
* Claiming the Pryor opposition is guilty of religious bias is wrong.
* Paul Krugman on the Treasury's lack of integrity.
* Russians face a stalemate in Chechnya.
* Athletes get special protections against sex assault charges.
* Just like an episode of Law & Order, DNA used to indict unknown suspects in sex crimes.
* The "science of sync."
* Gross but cool: a story on how surgical procedures are created (warning: gross.)
* Gossip mags go glossy, as sex shops go mainstream.
* NBC tries out movies during commercial breaks.
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