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Women's health, fighting hunger, and the Afghanistan speech

"The Obama doctrine is the bad-economy version of the Powell doctrine. The latter called for using overwhelming force to achieve clear but limited objectives. Obama doesn't think he can afford (politically or budgetarily) the overwhelming part (and Afghanistan offers nothing comparable to the mission of throwing Saddam out of Kuwait), but he has embraced the idea of setting a limited objective and keeping the end in mind. Contrast that with Bush's second inaugural address, with its lofty rhetoric of igniting a wildfire of freedom across Asia."

* More speech coverage: the NYTimes saw more of a challenge for the Afghani government. Glen Greenwald was pleased with what he didn't hear. Politico discusses what we learned from the speech. And Marc Lynch is undecided. Full text here.
* Calling for a new women's health movement.
* What you can do to help fight hunger in America.
* Looking for details on the latest Metro crash.
* Andrew Cohen moves on from
* Glen Weldon presents more graphic novel gift ideas, and more. Good read for comic book fans and non-fans alike.

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