PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

MGK on the state of the union

"I'm just gonna pause for a second here because it's worth reflecting upon how few Big Two books are good as opposed to merely being competent. For DC there's Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, and Secret Six. For Marvel there's Incredible Hercules, Invincible Iron Man, the 'cosmic' books, and whatever comic fills the Iron Fist slot for any given month. That is it at present. (Daredevil's new direction is uneven, Captain America is in a boring lull period, and Amazing Spider-Man is inconsistent on a week-to-week basis.) Eight books between the Big Two that are genuinely good comics and not just placefillers.

"I'll go further than that, though, and say that there are exactly two ongoing runs right now that aren’t just good but indeed excellent, and those are Invincible Iron Man and Detective Comics (which I have seriously come around on after a rereading plus the effect of the two most recent issues). And my simple definition of 'excellent' is this: if the run came to an end with the next issue, would I be disappointed that it was over?"

Tags: comic books, defend your thesis, not news

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