PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Something quite amazing happened yesterday in Congress: the House Finance Committee - in a truly bipartisan and even trans-ideological vote - defied the banking industry, the Federal Reserve, the Democratic leadership, and mainstream Beltway opinion in order to pass an amendment, sponsored by GOP Rep. Ron Paul and Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, mandating a genuine and probing audit of the Fed."

* E.J. Dionne on "the GOP's No-Exit Strategy."
* The other, scientific side of Mammogram-gate.
* "[Obama] has done more foreign travel in his first year than any other U.S. president." (Fun fact: he's also visited all 50 states.)
* In pictures: photographing climate change.
* "Peruvian authorities say they have arrested four members of a gang that specialized in selling fat obtained from dead humans."
* 'Fungus provides clues to North American extinctions.'
* Also, ten fascinating recently discovered photos. (Courtesy asimplelife.)

Tags: 2009, news, not right, pics

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