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Stolen from the codename-less
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Stolen from the codename-less <lj-user="snidegrrl">, it's the <lj-cut text="life soundtrack meme...">life soundtrack meme... (Well, more of a quiz than a meme, but who's counting.)

I was originally going to do this using just bits from other soundtracks, but thought that would be tacky. And I know, as soon as I post this, I will have ten better ideas.

Opening Credits: Decoded Feedback, "Atlantis"
Waking Up Scene: Velvet Underground, "Heroin"
High School Flashback Scene: Falco, "Rock Me Amadeus" (alternately, the Cure, "Love Will Tear Us Apart")
Nostalgic Scene: Apoptygma Berzerk, "All Tomorrow's Parties"
Bitter, Angry Scene: Ministry, "Stigmata"
Break-up Scene: Velvet Roses, "Eulogy"
Regret Scene: Khan, "Body Dump"
Quitting the Job Scene: Drowning Pool, "Bodies" (presuming I am quitting via machete)
Sad, Breakdown Scene: the London Suede, "Everything Will Flow"
Death Scene: the Sisters of Mercy, "Burn"
Funeral Scene: the Soviet National Anthem (if it's my funeral.)
Mellow Scene: the Cure, "Fascination Street"
Wacko Mind-Boggling Scene: <b>Little Buddha</b> soundtrack, "Gompa-Heart Sutra"
Dreaming About Someone Scene: Garbage, "No. 1 Crush (remix)"
Sex Scene: Fading Colours, "In This Garden Of Mine"
Contemplation Scene: Cypress Hill, "Rock Superstar"
Chase Scene: Project Pitchfork, "Time Killer"
Happy Love Scene: Eleven Shadows, "Space Age Love Song"
Happy Friend Scene: Home Star Runner, "fhqwhgads"
Closing Credits: VNV Nation, "Standing"

And since my movie is an action movie as well, I add:
Driving Scene: Run DMC, "It's Tricky"
Fight Scene: Fatboy Slim (feat. Bootsy Collins,) "Illumination"
Shootout Scene: Fugees, "Killing Me Softly"
Walking And Looking Cool Scene: Bella Morte, "the rain within her hands"

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