PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Health care, fashion, and gay marriage

"To sum up: at present, [the public option] will be a government-run corporation which cannot draw on government funds to remain solvent and cannot charge artificially lower rates to be convenient to the populace at large. All it really promises to do that other insurance companies will not do is this: they promise to not screw over policy-holders. And that, that alone, has insurance companies terrified. This should tell you something."

* Top read: MGK explains why we need universal health care. Bonus: oh hells yeah.
* Ooh. Congress challenges the White House on drug company deals.
* "The number of Americans who lacked reliable access to sufficient food shot up last year to its highest point since the government began surveying in 1995."
* "The Right's reaction to yesterday's announcement - we're too afraid to allow trials and due process in our country - is the textbook definition of 'surrendering to terrorists.'"
* Good read: an Episcopal bishop makes the case in favor of same-sex marriage.
* The Republican civil war spreads to Utah.
* Make them filibuster!
* Should fashion reflect fantasy or reality?
* Actor Edward Woodward passed away.

Tags: 2009, defend your thesis, news, welcome to america
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