PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Afghanistan, health care, and al Qaeda

"Whatever the causes, the data show clearly that health care costs have become a core economic issue for middle-class Americans. Unless we can contain them, and over time even reduce them, realistic prospects of upward mobility for most middle-class families will simply slip away. Health care, in short, has to be an essential part of a new economic strategy."

* So what are the actual options for us in Afghanistan?
* Interesting: making the case for not eliminating al Qaeda.
* Ten states facing financial peril.
* Howard Kurtz on the return of the abortion issue in health care. Good read.
* How the government could support local farms, and why.
* No 'porn policy' for University of Maryland.
* Lou Dobbs resigns from CNN, hints at future plans.
* Why Ridley Scott would sign on to the Monopoly movie.
* "Is it even possible for an artist to sell out anymore?"

Tags: 2009, movies, news, welcome to america

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