PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Whuf, kept forgetting to update today.

Let's see. RQ's mom and brother flew in (late) last night. Let me tell you how fun it is being dead tired and bouncing around an irritated baby at 2 am. I'm fine staying up that late playing Diablo, but bebe, that's different. Anyways, the place is well-overcrowded, and looks a little like a gypsy camp. He's only here for a couple weeks. She will be here for, oh, into November. I'm not overly pleased with the idea, but it will allow RQ to get back to more work sooner, and will allow me to get more time away from the house, and as it turns out day care is Freaky Expensive, so I guess I will deal. Just added stress where I already had plenty.

Tonight, party for prakriti. Allow me to note, I intend to Get My Drink On.

Still not much energy for news-linking. Luckily, some of the cohort is picking up my slack. Allow me to also note an awesome review of Gigli (courtesy Operative X.) OK, one more, on sharing environmental data between nations.

CD playing: Rasputina, "Wish You Were Here"

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