PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Afghanistan, creationism, and Mars

"It's starting to look more and more like Texas governor Rick Perry orchestrated an effort to thwart a state probe into an arson investigation that may have led to the execution of an innocent man."

* Good read: what is at stake in the debate over Afghanistan.
* "The majority of the people of Kansas are still in favor of teaching creationism in public school science classes."
* Guess who is behind that new report opposing health care reform?
* Is the White House moving too slowly on judicial posts?
* Whoah. Looking at the landscape of Mars.
* Is a virus the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?
* Robin D. Laws on the use of social networks.
* "3-D is obviously making us look at a lot of our movie production decisions in a different way." Examining the mysterious success of The Final Destination.

Tags: 2009, movies, news, quotes, welcome to america

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