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09 October 2009 @ 11:50 am
Old Bay, the Moonies, and urban renewal  
* This morning, we crashed stuff into the Moon because that's how NASA rolls.
* A plan to revive America's cities.
* 'More women than men dismissed from military for being gay.'
* And illegal firearms sales at gun shows continue.
* Interesting. Changes may be in store for the Moonies as the father hands over the reins to his son.
* 'Pacific Ocean dead zone in Northwest may be irreversible.'
* New Showtime comedy about an American remaking (and ruining) of a British comedy.
* Lame: MD university system to come up with rules governing the use of pornographic movies. Slippery slope, folks.
* Hmmm. Sneak pics from the Clash of the Titans remake.
* Old Bay is love.

turbogrrlturbogrrl on October 10th, 2009 01:09 pm (UTC)
I was reading the gun shows article with interest, until I got to the end. "'In nearly every transaction, the gun was handed back to the man, even though the woman had filled out the paperwork,' the report said of the straw purchases from licensed dealers. "

I'm sorry, this wasn't a test of straw purchases, it was a test of chauvinism. Gee whiz, no one protests when the little lady buying her first gun at a show in the deep south immediately hands her deadly purchase over to her man. REALLY? I'M SO SHOCKED AND SURPRISED. They spent 1.5 million on this? Next up: do cats and dogs ever *really* fight?