PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Stonehenge, komodo dragons, and more Nobel prizes

"Just a timely reminder of the deceitful methods that permeate our political discourse, especially when it comes to demonizing America's Enemy du jour."

* Key cases before the Supreme Court this term.
* Plans to cut detention of illegal immigrants.
* How do news organizations get in touch with terrorist groups?
* "Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for two breakthroughs that led to two major underpinnings of the digital age - fiber optics and digital photography."
* The Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded for study on ribosomes.
* Whoah: new huge ring found around Saturn.
* New clues on the origins of the komodo dragon.
* "Archaeologists say the remains of another large henge near the River Avon offer clues to the building of Stonehenge and the significance of the river."
* Oh, I don't know: Adrien Brody signs on for Predators.

Tags: movies, news, quotes, science!

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