PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The census, zombies, and movie costumes

* I still don't get why the census is so controversial.
* Fixing the American dental crisis.
* The recession takes its toll on the already-hurting organized religion.
* Wow. Republicans take a stand... against net neutrality.
* Will the economy of India outstrip that of China?
* Telomeres! Three American scientists share the Nobel prize in medicine.
* "Maybe fashion is a stealth tool of cultural critique."
* The new commune. (My friends and I discussed the concept at length, jokingly, back in the day.)
* Why zombies can't replace vampires in popular culture. (Not that I think they're supposed to.)
* Gallery: movie costumes that started fashion trends.

Tags: 2009, defend your thesis, easy sell, movies, news, science!

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