PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, third attempt

* Justice Department admits abusing the Patriot Act.
* 'Some abortion foes think the rationale for Roe vs. Wade is vulnerable. They're trying to amend state constitutions to define personhood from conception.'
* Oh, and of course abortion is a big chunk of the opposition to health care. Because, you know, one issue and all that.
* Hee. Ten odd economic indicators.
* The Explainer takes on the questions surrounding the Roman Polanski case.
* Interesting: BAGnewsNotes with a different take on the G-20 protests. (Also, whoah.)
* Despite her... eclectic career, Palin remains popular with the Republican base.
* Disco: a new art installation on the 14th Street Bridge.
* Noted writer William Safire passed away.

Tags: 2009, news

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