PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

ramblin' and perambulatin'

Happy birthday to elizardaa and disoculated!

Wednesday evening I caught up with girlie47 after work. We grabbed fancy but not great pizza, and set about walking around Georgetown. I discovered that Dean & DeLuca was not, in fact, a clothing store, as I previously presumed. (To my credit, Georgetown is mostly made of ritzy clothing stores.) Turns out it's a rich people grocery store that doesn't even sell gum. We glanced through the comic book store, so full of delicious temptation. Next I managed to find the Exorcist steps, despite having no clue where they actually are (my clue: keep heading uphill.) Finally found gum, up near the university. On the walk back, we found that the backstreets of Georgetown are comprised mostly of expensive furniture stores. Anyways. Delightfully relaxing evening of conversation and walking around.

Still have to write up back to school night from Tuesday, maybe tomorrow.

Snuck in a pinch of painting yesterday, after chores. The Malifaux figs I'm working on are very detailed, and challenging to my meager skills. Weekend plans are a little up in the air. Party in VA tomorrow after work. Hoping that Sunday and Monday can just be quiet days at home with Z, our days off are so packed these days.

Tags: 2009, not news

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