PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

mixed bag

The good: family dinner with the family last night was good times. Sorry M. couldn't make it, but she's totally under the weather. Z. also snuck in some time with my mom's dog, Shorty, and both had fun there. She also had fun feeding a dog treat to their cat, because that's how cats roll sometime.

Also good: spades and Pandemic with two cool cats on Friday, and a housewarming for Salvador on Saturday.

Also good: I'm thinking of entering a minis painting competition online. Not that I'm any good, because lord knows I'm not. But artificial deadlines and I work well together.

Not as good: two patients today, M. and Z. And yes, I'm pretty sure they have different things. This will be a good exercise in not stressing out and keeping my cool. Om mani pad hum.

Also not good: way too much housework I was plotting to get done this weekend that's looking less likely. This lawn gets any higher, I might need a scythe.

Tags: 2009, bebe, gaming, not news

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