PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

unrelated. I think.

#1: I bit the side of my tongue pretty hard a couple days back, so it was swollen, and thusly keeps rubbing up against my teeth, and thusly staying sore. This is an annoying cycle. If it doesn't start clearing up in a couple days, I may need to go to the doctor and explain my ridiculous predicament* and see what they can do. Until then, I'm talking funny and rinsing with salt water.

#2: Work can stop being busy any day now. The past two days were actually *flippin'* busy, which was unpleasant. Thursday? One of the worst days this year. Today's just merely really busy, so, you know, gift horses and all that.

* - M. has noted that I may in fact have an infection, which would be *fantastic.*

Tags: 2009, not news

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