PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Climate change, lightning storms, and racism

"But I began to suspect that race was a factor for at least some critics when I heard them shouting about 'the Constitution' and 'taking our country back.' Maybe Obama's health-care plan is an awful idea and his budget is way too big, but how exactly is any of this unconstitutional? Clearly, for some folks, there's a deeper rage at the man occupying the White House."

* UN report finds evidence of war crimes in the Gaza invasion.
* Medical organizations seek to deal with climate change as a "global health catastrophe."
* Ouch. "How the District's children die: Stories of a city failing its most vulnerable wards."
* How the Republicans can deal with the tea party movement. On the other hand, this is the kind of stuff that gets to me.
* "The master gene that causes blood stem cells to turn into disease-fighting 'Natural Killer' (NK) immune cells has been identified by scientists."
* "...A lightning storm on Saturn that’s lasted for nearly eight months."
* WWE CEO Linda McMahon plans to run for the Senate. Unless this is just a work.

Tags: 2009, news, quotes, science!, tv

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