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outside looking in

"But it works both ways. Those who dislike Obama aren't just against his policies, they feel that because the president stands for their country, his espousal of views alien to their vision of America amounts to an unpatriotic betrayal. Listening to the 'tax-payers' tea party' in Washington on the radio over the weekend, it struck me that if I were reading a transcript blind of context, I would assume I was listening to a demonstration of a growing resistance to a brutal and undemocratic regime.

"Indeed, in the four or five speeches I heard on the radio, details of tax rises and healthcare were hardly mentioned: the theme was 'recapturing America' from 'tyranny' and regaining 'freedom'. It sounded as though they were protesting against a coup, probably a violent one, rather than the natural consequence of losing an election less than a year ago."

Tags: 2009, news, quotes, welcome to america

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