PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Recession, immigration, and monkey music

* Good read: Dana Milbank on looking for meaning in an unheralded death in Afghanistan.
* One year later, has the global recession reached a turning point?
* And, how did economists get it so wrong?
* Trickle-down effect: as the economy worsens, states look for new ways to release prisoners early.
* Still no 'Death Panels': comparing the House and Senate proposals on health care.
* Parsing out online lies on the illegal immigration debate. (Courtesy zandrakaren.)
* "The personalized veneration of George Bush, particularly during his first term, was systematic and engulfing."
* New exhibition of graffiti as art. (Courtesy shadorunr)
* Music written for monkeys.

Tags: 2009, easy sell, news

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