PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The big GenCon announcements? Yawn.
Wizkids announces... Mage Knight 2.0! Uh, OK, good news and all.
White Wolf announces... the end of the World of Darkness! It would have my attention more, if I didn't know they will pull their punch.

Anyways. Last night, housewarming for Goblin and Decore, not too crazy, but nice low-key fun.

Did I mention RQ's mother is coming out to stay with us for 'a few months' starting 'oh, next week'? While this does mean a little more free time, which is a huge boon, it also means more stress, and less privacy and adsflsdajkf;ds

Oh, and astrological issues that might have caused this week? Here's the bad news: it's just starting. (But neat from an astronomy dork point of view.)

Cecil Adams takes on patron saint Marshall McLuhan, of whom I am a fan, I confess. But, as previously noted, a media dork.

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