PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* You know what I was thinking? If only there was some Reagan-era big name we hadn't dug up yet, like, oh, let's say Baker.
* What the 9/11 report doesn't say. Also, how will we prevent future terrorist attacks?
* Pentagon reluctant to get stuck in Liberia.
* Japan to send troops to Iraq. God bless 'em, every time I think our politics are crazy, Japan pipes in to remind me they have a trademark on it. (Well, them and Italy.) (Courtesy Baroness.)
* DeLay has his own solution to the Middle East.
* Paul Krugman questions Greenspan's judgment.
* Opposition to gay marriage sliding away.
* Again, the House surprises me, by supporting drug imports.
* NY City Council shooting? Messed up.

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