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You'd think having these newfangled ten hour shifts would give me more time to update, but there you go. Yes, my schedule has changed. I work Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 7 am to 5 pm. It's funky because it's worked around my meetings, and will be further funkified as I am on-call, and will be covering other shifts at unknown intervals, for coworkers calling out, sick, etc.

Personally, I don't like ten hour days, but I didn't get a choice there. And I really don't like Saturday, but less choice there. The good news is, we're bringing on more employees in the next couple weeks, and once they are trained up (2-4 week process) they will be put on shift work as well, and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can go back to a nice, God-fearing, 8-4 M-F like I was.

The icing on this cake is: I played hooky to go to the zoo Saturday, since I had already made plans before they told me the schedule was changing so rapidly. But I found out today, that my company starts their work week Saturday, so I get to make up Saturday tomorrow. Yay longer busy work week!

Still haven't seen Scorpion King. Had a nice cookout with a few friends I haven't seen in a while on Sunday night, getting lunch with another tomorrow. Oh, and the zoo was much fun. I saw a panda in a tree, the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my panda experience. And it appears that there is a surplus of golden lion tamarins all over that hizzzouse.

The other news being, my grandmother is in the hospital. My Mom's mom, she's lived with us since '79 or '80 or so, so longer than I can remember, and is really the core of the family. And she's in the hospital, with what appears to be a mild stroke. I've already mentioned my dislike of hospitals here, so suffice it to say this is all very trying and stressy. Blah.

MP3: This weird techno-industrial thing I found on a gaming website.
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