PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Reaganism, torture, and bat love songs

"Call me naive, but I actually hoped that the failure of Reaganism in practice would kill it. It turns out, however, to be a zombie doctrine: even though it should be dead, it keeps on coming. Let's talk for a moment about why the age of Reagan should be over."

* Must read: five important revelations from the CIA inspector general report.
* "No consequence of the crisis alarms top regulators more than having banks that were already 'too big to fail' grow even larger and more interconnected."
* Corruption's grip on Iraqi security.
* On the ground with Michael Yon, reporting from the Helmand Province in Afghanistan.
* When you can't win the health care battle with facts, you resort to fear.
* Behind Cheney's jihad.
* "Male free-tailed bats sing intricate and complex 'love songs' to woo prospective female mates."
* Chris Sims with another tale of Silver Age madness starring Jimmy Olsen.

Tags: 2009, comic books, news, quotes, science!

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