PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

My, I'm chatty today. I attribute it to my general state of malaise.

As promised ...
* GOP blocks attempt to increase the budget for Homeland Security. Oh, and their plan for Medicare reform won't work, either.
* Congressional movement against FCC ruling may lead to White House showdown.
* Howard Kurtz from yesterday on Blair vs. the BBC and other big stories. And from today's, whether or not Bush is actually a conservative.
* Why no one is upset about Hussein's sons being assassinated.
* Testing limits on freedom of the press: army shuts down newspaper in Baghdad.
* Justice Department investigates Patriot Act.
* PACs gain great influence for DeLay and Republicans.
* SEC secretively gaining power over the states.
* Nationwide, programs for the mentally ill are in shambles.
* Read up on the future leader of Canada.

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